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Not made in China or owned by a Chinese company


The recent actions (May 2020) by the Chinese Government to impose an 80% tariff on Australian Barley imports has resulted in a lot of requests for 'non Chinese' solar products..


We went around our warehouse opening boxes to see what the 'Made in' label said.

No big surprises for us, but possibly for you. Please bear in mind that the products we get here in Australia are made almost entirely in Chinese factories, often 'under license' but to circumvent USA / Trump punitive import tariifs for Chinese goods, most "up stumps" and move their plant to Malaysia or India to supply the USA market.


So here is what the labels say on Australian imports:
SolarEdge inverters and Optimisers are All made in China
SMA inverters for residential use (up to 5kW) are all made in China.
Fronius inverters, ALL made in Austria (Europe)
Firmer (ABB), made in China.
Delta made in China, Enphase, made in China.

Goodwe, Huawei, Growatt, Sungrow, Solis, Kehua...
all Chinese companies making their inverters in China.


Solar panels are a little more complex

SolarWatt are German through and through but their panel tech is 'old school'.
LG are South Korean through and though.
Winaico are Taiwanese through and through.


and then you get the mongrels...


Q.Cells are engineered and designed in Germany but they make the Duo+ in their South Korean factory but the cheaper MAXX in their Chinese factory. Q.Cells are owned by South Korean conglomerate Hanwha. Similar story for SunPower. Designed in the USA, the more expensive Maxeons are made in Malaysia by a 30% Chinese owner, and the cheaper 'P's are fully made in China. REC were orginally a Norwegian company who moved manufacturing to Singapore before being bought out by a Chinese company. Leapton are a Japanese company who now make their panels cheaper, in China of course. Jinko are a Chinese company who make almost all of their panels in China (Malaysia for USA market) and it's an identical story for Canadian, JA, LonGi, Trina, ET, Risen, Chint/Astro, Link, Suntech, Seraphim. All 100% Chinese brands,  and OUR panels come from China, but the USA market might well be getting them from somewhere else in Asia.


Then there's all the cable, breakers, conduit, rail and fixings. Almost all of that comes from China. Arrid make their solar rail and fixings in Australia and source materials from Australian manufacturers. So it is possible to have an almost entirely Non Chinese solar install. Fronius Inverter + Q.Cells Duo+ panels and Arrid rail and fixings.

Just a fact check point though. With our exports of iron ore, coal, grains, wines, animal products etc that are bought by China, we typically have a huge (billions of dollars a month) trade surplus with China (we export to them far more than we buy from them).

Please excuse this repetition of the previous paragraph, but, for clarity...

Billions of dollars a month MORE of Australian products and services are bought by China, than we buy from them. Without getting all political, it seems to me; prudent, wise, sensible...that we don't poke the bear by obviously boycotting their products. Sshhhh.