Our Story

Solar4Ever is twelve years old (started April 2011). I’m proud of that.
Very unimpressed with ASIC who will be deleting proof of our longevity as they scrap 'trading names'.
Took a screen grab of our ASIC record as proof before it disappears forever.

My father Barry, “the fastest sparkie in the West” and his father, George, were well respected Perth electricians,
so it was no surprise that I ended up making a living from electricity too.

Twelve years is a long time for solar companies in this 'here today, gone tomorrow' industry.
Only a couple have lasted as long as us in Perth, which has proven that staying 'right-sized', works.

When we started, inverters only had LCD screens and it really was a matter of putting it on the wall and walking away.
Now we have battery connectivity, back-up power during grid outages, WIFI reporting to phones and browsers.
Smart solar EV chargers are already here, as are controllers that can turn on pumps and appliances when there's surplus solar
and now we have AI that can detect arc faults on the roof and shut things down and check weather forecasts to see if the battery
will need a top-up from the grid if there's not going to be enough solar.

Andrew was in IT for more than 20 years and that experience really helps us stay on top of this ever more complex industry.

Suzanne MacKeith
Managing Director

Solar4Ever’s WA electrical contractor license is EC13371
CEC accredited installer licenses:
A2700520 (Nathan)
A2470788 (Jack)

Home visits

Many people prefer to discuss their solar requirements over the phone or by email, but if you want us to come and visit you, just ask !

Who does what?

- Suzanne does quotes, admin and boss things.

- Andrew answers most of the technical stuff and runs the service team.

- Nathan and brother Jack run the two installation teams.

- Jigar does the books.


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