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The top 10 solar panels in Australia March 2024
1. JinKo 440W, Neo 'N' type (all-black) or 440W/475W black frame only.
2. Risen 'N' type 440W.
3. Trina Vertex S+ 'N' type, dual glass(440W).
4. JA Solar JAM54D40 440W, dual glass, 'N' type.
5. SunPower Maxeon Max3 Grande all black 'N' type (415W).
6. REC Alpha Pure R all black 'N' type (410W).
7. REC TwinPeak 5 all black 'P' type (415W).
8. LonGi LR5-HiMO6 440W 'P' type.
9. Seraphim all black, dual glass 'P' type (415W).
10. Canadian Solar, Hiku 6, 'P' type (415W).

The most popular panels
The price of Chinese panels at the moment is lower than it has ever been.
Demand in their home market has reduced substantially so the surplus comes here.
This has made life really difficult for higher priced brands like SunPower Maxeon and REC.
Q.Cells, another long established 'premium' brand just quit Australia citing an inability to compete.

JinKo continue to be the top seller of the Chinese brands.
Most wholesalers carry JinKo, support when needed is local and good, and the tech is excellent.
'N' type cells are now the standard. That means lower degradation over time.

Trina are another huge Chinese brand who decided to go with a higher voltage panel.
This doesn't work so well in Australia with our uniquely idiotic 600V string voltage regulation.
Typically we can only get 10 Trina panels on an inverter 'string' where we can get 13 or 14 of other brands.

Risen, JA, LonGi, TW, Seraphim, Canadian...all very 'JinKo-like' with nothing to differentiate other than price.
I saw some TW panels on a wholesaler price list a few days ago that were 8 cents a Watt cheaper than JinKos.
That's how we price the Watt, so 8 cents by 10kW (10,000 Watts) is $800 cheaper. !!

Most Chinese panels are basically interchangeable from a physical size and technology viewpoint.
REC, SunPower Maxeon, and to some extent Trina, are unique physically and certainly electrically.
As a service manager, I prefer 'interchangeable' over 'unique'.
If one manufacturer goes broke during the 25-30 year warranty period we can replace a faulty panel with another brand.
'Unique', if they go broke or leave Australia like Q.Cells and LG recently did, presents a lot of challenges.
Yes, solar panel failure is exceptionally rare, but it does happen, and when it does, I need solutions for our clients.
That's why I say 'interchangeable' is better than unique.

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These reviews were written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Most recent update January 2023