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Solar Panel efficiency

A standard 60 cell solar panel measures 99cm by 165cm

The current range of power produced by a panel made in 2018 of that size ranges from 265W to 360W. Therefore the 360W panel is signficantly more efficient than the 265W one.

The most common max power rating for a polycrystalline panel of that size is 275W

The most common max power rating for a monocrystalline panel of that size is 300W

If you install 24 x 275W panels you get a 6.6kW system

If you install 22 x 300W panels you also get a 6.6kW system.

Therefore the benefit of efficiciency often isn't about getting extra power, it's about getting the same power from fewer panels...two fewer in the example above.

The higher efficency panels are more expensive than the regular ones, so having a couple less of them almost never ends up making the cost of the job cheaper.

A standard 72 cell panel is the same width as a 60 cell panel but it has two extra rows of cells making the panel 196cm long. The power output of these physically larger panels is typically between 310W and 340W. If costed out per watt, they work out as the same price, or less than a 60 cell panel which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Something like 99% of installations use the exact same panel although with the use of power optimisers from Huawei, Tigo and SolarEdge there really isn't any reason why you can't install a variety of different panels of different physical sizes and wattages to suit your roof area.