Solar installation prices - Updated April 2024

Standard solar installation prices.
A standard tin roof 5kW single phase inverter, 6.6kW of panels, install price is $2,300.
Tile roof adds $10 a panel because the roof fixings are more expensive than for tin.

A three phase inverter adds $100.
Extra panels beyond 6.6kW are typically $70 each to install inc tin roof fixings. $80 for tile.

An inverter CT clamp type consumption meter is usually about $200 to install.
The 'pass through' type of consumption meter are usually much harder work and cost about $300 to install.

Not enough space in the switchboard to house all the solar breakers, meters, etc.?
A good quality weatherproof 12 pole enclosure is about $330 including installation.

Double storey house?
At least $500 more. We won't even quote on about 50% of the double storey homes we encounter.

Battery installations are usually $880 for a DC Coupled high voltage battery.
Low voltage batteries, while often a bit cheaper are harder to install and require more expensive cables and breakers.
They are usually around $1,300 to install as is an AC Coupled battery like a Tesla Powerwall 2.

Backup, whether it's built-into the inverter or a separate box is usually $770 to install.
Add to that a changeover switch for about $120 installed.

So for example...
Standard 5kW 1 phase inverter, 15 x 440W panels, on a tile roof, with an inverter consumption meter.
$2,300 + 15x $10 for tile + $200 for the consumption meter = $2,650.

With a DC Coupled battery ($880)...$3,530.
With backup and a changeover switch ($770 + $120)...$4,420.

With let's say 10 extra panels (10 x $80) installed, (because you can with most batteries) , $5,220.

Take-downs of existing systems are a little unsual.
It's $20 per panel to take down the old, including all the old rails, cables, roof fixings.
However we know a couple of guys who buy those panels from you for $20 a panel cash.
They send them to Africa for a profit and a second-life.
So you pay us $20 a panel but get it back in cash...if you want, or you can keep the panels, or sell them yourself.

You can also encounter charges for other things...
Multiple arrays...panels over more than just the usual 2 x roof areas, $100 per additional array.
Additional strings beyond the usual 2, (usually only with 8kW and larger inverters, $200.
Travel beyond 150km round trip, $2.20 per additional Km.
Battery protecting bollard, $165, including the bollard.

Anyway...the point of all this is to show that whilst an inverter might only cost $800 and 6.6kW of Goverment subsidised panels
perhaps $800, sometimes less, the installation costs are what brings the price up.

Of course...there are plenty of cheaper installers out there.
If we employed kids or backpackers on the roof instead of electricians, our prices would be much lower too !

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This review was written by Andrew MacKeith, Solar4Ever service manager since 2011.
Solar4Ever is located in Morley (Perth), WA 6062