Sungrow inverters  

Competing with Zeversolar, Growatt, Goodwe and a few other Chinese brands at the lower cost end of the string inverter spectrum, Sungrow has peformed better than most and has a high reputation for reliability and after sales service. One of the advantages for this brand is that they arrived late to Australia. No doubt their early generation products were as plagued with poor relays and constant failures as the rest of the first and second generation brands from China, but we in Australia never got to see them so Sungrow's reputation was untarnished.

The residential range of inverters, surprisingly does not include a 3 phase model.

The single phase range is not as deep as other brands, just offering a single MPPT 2kVA ($920) and 3kVA model ($1000) and a dual MPPT 3kVA ($1,110) and 5kVA model ($1,250)

The warranty on Sungrow inverters is 5 years with a 10 year upgrade available for $220

But they do have two 5kVA hybrids.

The model without emergency back up is $1970 and the back up version, $2,420; and a lot of people have connected lower cost GCL 5.6kW batteries ($3,620) to it with no problems at all. It also works with LG Chem. The battery charge/discharge rate is 10A so 2.3kW apparent power and the 10 year warranty upgrade is $550. It's a very good product.

The software can be adjusted remotely by Sungrow engineers if there are issues with de-rating. We remember the Sungrow product launch a few years ago. It was the first time anyone had seen an inverter that didn't have an LCD screen. Sungrow assumed everyone would be using WIFI and their smartphones, and of course they were correct and now almost everyone is doing it. However, to their credit they did come back pretty quickly with a fix for people who wanted a additional plug in module for $80. Below...