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REC solar panel review

REC Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

REC Twin Peak 290W/ 295W - 120 polycrystalline cells. 1675mm x 997mm x 38mm

Power loss on 30°C day = 0.36 x 25 = 9%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.36 x 35 = 12.6%

About REC solar panels

REC panels have historically only manufactured polycrystalline panels, and as a result were beginning to fall behind of late to the more efficient monocrystalline manufacturers. The upper limit for a typical 60 cell polycrystalline panel is 290W. Above that it over-heats and as a result, REC weren't the first, but they were an early adopter of the split cell technology (often called 'half-cuts') as a solution for their over-heating problem. It's a nice idea and others like Canadian Solar who also prefer making 'polys' have the same products (in fact the Canadian Solar range of half cuts is much bigger than REC's), and usually cheaper too.

REC (and Canadian), cut the cells in half, so a 60 cell panel becomes 120 cells. They then wire them into 6 strings instead of the usual 3 strings. By doing this, they are slightly improving the ability to handle a little bit of shade, and they are reducing the over all heat generation. As a result, they achieve the same sort of additional power output as a monocrystalline panel. It's very neat, and you aren't paying a fortune extra for it.

Even more interesting, REC have released a split cell MONO panel. Splitting N type mono cells in half, the N Peak mono is a 330W panel that is about 8 cm longer than a regular panel. Therefore considerably smaller than the usual 330W panels that have regular 72 cells. We haven't got pricing on this new panel yet, but it certainly looks good on paper.

The other interesting thing about REC is their recent move to provide extra warranty (now 15 years) if the system is installed by a REC certified installer.