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Jinko solar panel review

Jinko panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

If Jinko's Australian website is to be believed Jinko are...

"The most reliable solar brand on the planet"

"The World's largest solar module manufacturer"

and boast their panels are "certified to withstand 2400 pascal wind loads"


Not withstanding the fact that 2400 Pa wind loads are the bare minimum and others like Q.Cells (4000 Pa), Canadian (4000 Pa) and LG (5400 Pa) have significantly higher wind certification and that others lay claim to being the World's largest module manufacturer, and would welcome a discussion that Jinko are the most reliable brand on the planet, which by extension on currently available knowledge, also means the entire Universe...


Not withstanding all of that, yes, Jinko make some very good panels, although we don't understand (back to that website again) why they are so shy. No address in Australia (Google shows an address in Brisbane, but the website says they are "headquartered in Sydney" but doesn't give an actual address), no telephone number either, so not too sure about 'local focus' as claimed again on the website.


Too harsh? Well if it is, then it's also an easy fix for Jinko to sort out their website and as we don't go check on it too often, perhaps by the time you read this then they will have done so.


We favour Canadian Solar over Jinko because they transparently DO have a genuine team here in Australia but truth be told, Canadian, Jinko and Trina ARE the 3 largest Chinese manufacturers, which probably also means the World (and the Universe). There is also a much larger range of Canadian panels available in WA.


However, the Jinko panels that we have installed have all been fine, no faults, and the pricing can be, when they do specials through their wholesalers, very tempting indeed.