Growatt Inverters


Growatt Inverters 

Growatt is a reputable Chinese brand that makes a large range of single phase and three phase inverters and is well supported by Roger in their Sydney office (02 8605 1298). They also have a single phase 5kW hybrid inverter. They look pretty good, although not in the same league of cool looks as Huawei.

We first installed some Growatt inverters in early 2011. Back then, the huge majority of inverters being installed were 1.5-3kW models, and we have to say that nearly eight years later, those smaller Growatt inverters are working just fine...289 out of 297 installed without the slightest hitch. In fact for a cheap Chinese First Generation inverter, it is the ONLY brand of that genre that is so reliable. However the story is not entirely good news.


As well as putting in the smaller ones, we also installed quite a few 5kW models and the reliability on those has been less good. Some had blown fuses (easy fixed), some had failed relays, and some developed an error that has entirely avoided a consistent solution with its "PV Isolation Low" error. Overall of the 5kW models we installed 2011-2014, 9% have failed, although once replaced (under warranty), they seem to chug along pretty good and 9% after 6-8 years is on par with SMA and Fronius especially considering how high our AC voltages in WA are. ( 258V isn't uncommon where 230-240V is the goal.)


Today, Growatt are still here, where most other Gen1 Chinese brands have disappeared, and that means that the lack of issues we experienced must have been reflected everywhere. In fact Growatt have nearly 200,000 inverters installed in Australia and 1 million worldwide ...which suggests an astonishingly high proportion of Growatt worldwide sales have been to our low population country.


The price for a 5kW Growatt single phase inverter is nearly $200 lower than the next closest brand, and in the cut-throat world of low cost solar, that's a huge saving. At the moment they are also throwing in a 10 year warranty and free WIFI. Why are they so cheap? No idea but this is not a rubbish brand.


Would we recommend Growatt?

Based on our experience with the smaller inverters and the fact that they have plenty of time to engineer the larger ones to achieve the same level of reliability, yes, why not?


Product range

The depth of their single phase range is very impressive, going from a tiny 1kVA model in 0.5kW increments up to 5kVA. The three phase range goes from 5kVA up to 40kVA !!

WIFI reporting isn't standard usually. Add an extra $90 for that.
They also have Hybrids (single phase) and a DC converter gh, not sure if we would stick our necks out and recommend a Growatt hybrid over a Huawei, Sungrow or Goodwe one. That may be asking a bit much for a cheap brand.

Growatt website

Pictured Growatt SP 2000 DC converter with low voltage battery (not available yet)

Schematic of SP2000 DC Converter connected to batteries and another inverter