Delta inverters  

Delta have an office in Melbourne and when we have had a faulty inverter, their service has been impeccable. In fact, Delta have an office pretty much everywhere. When you look at a map of the World with Delta offices marked on it, it looks like the planet has developed chicken pox. Solar inverters are of course, just a tiny part of what Delta do.

If you want a rock solid, well made simple string inverter at a fair price, then Delta is an excellent choice. The offical warranty is 5 years, but the wholesaler we buy from adds in the 10 year factory warranty upgrade as standard. Selling at a slightly higher price than the competitive products in this price category, and giving a 10 year warranty does infer that it is higher quality. Not a bad marketing tactic. Unfortunately, it temps the dogs in this industry to offer a 10 year warranty on the other Chinese brands (Goodwe, Zeversolar etc) to compete, without actually buying the upgrade from the trouble brewing down the track when people discover they got ripped off. Sadly, nothing new about that in the solar industry. I swear all the aggressive, commission hungry fax machine sales people who lost their careers when nobody needed a fax machine anymore all ended up selling solar ...but I digress, back to Delta.

The lack of any sort of WIFI on any of the single phase Delta inverters is puzzling in this day and age but we are told it is coming.

Delta have a hybrid. Never sold one so we can't vouch for it, but it's a 5kVA single tracking inverter that connects to their own 6kWh battery. The package includes both a smart meter in the switchboard to monitor the consimption and report back to the battery management software, and a monitor. We like all in one solutions. They tend to have been properly tested.
If you want to be our first customer so we can play with it, we'll give you a good price !!

The current product line up is....

3kVA single phase with both a single and a dual MPPT model

4kVA and 5kVA single phase, dual MPPT models

5kVA hybrid

6kVA three phase (not much use in WA with the 5kVA limit on the buyback scheme)

and a lot of much larger 3 phase units