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Solar battery storage in Perth  

Solar battery storage for existing solar installations (and new ones) 

The whole point about adding batteries to a solar installation is that we are all fed up with the pathetic amount of money we get paid for our surplus solar power exported into the grid. So, we want to store it in batteries and use it at night. On the East Coast, FITs (what you get paid for surplus power) are 50% higher than what Synergy pay. Why? Apparently because we have a reliable back up supply of gas so they don't really need our solar. Some people might be interested in having a backup system in case of power cuts, but for most, it's all about the money.

And if it's all about the money, then it's still too expensive to make any sense.

There are two ways to connect batteries to a solar installation

(1) DC coupled where the Hybird solar inverter manages both the solar panels and the batteries.

(2) AC coupled where the battery system is stand alone and sits AFTER the existing solar inverter.

There are very few good quality Hybrid inverters. Fronius have a 3 phase version, and Goodwe have a single phase one, and that, for quality is pretty much it.

AC Coupled is currently equally rare. SMA have a 2.5kW unit, Enphase an even smaller 1.2kW unit and then there is a giant leap to Tesla Powerwall 2 which is a 13.5kW unit. (By unit, we mean storage capacity).

The good news is that an AC coupled battery system can be connected to any existing solar installation.

Whether it's worth your while installing a hybrid like the excellent Goodwe 5048D-ES now, instead of a regular inverter is a toss of the coin. The Hybrid costs $2,700, the equivalent regular inverter about $1200. Might be better to simply buy the regular inverter and trade it in in a few years time when the time is right for batteries.

Off grid systems
Whilst you aren't allowed to disconnect yourself from the mains water supply in Metro Perth, it's perfectly legal to disconnect yourself entirely from the electricity grid and run your own solar/battery/generator off grid system. The best off-grid inverters are made by Schneider, Victron, and SMA. They are not cheap, and they are NOT designed to run your whole of house reverse cycle air-con system. If you are a frugal power user, then going off grid could be an exciting adventure in independence, but not necessarily financially wise.



Solar Batteries

Storing solar power in batteries for evening use.


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Tesla Fail 1-04-2017
Just to prove that people can be smart and dumb at the same time, the Tesla Powerwall 2 DC version has been hurredly dropped for Australia because it had a built in 6kW inverter when the Australian maximum on single phase is 5kW. is the web site for Good Day Mate Pty Ltd trading as SOLAR4EVER Company registered in WA on 26th October 2008 (A.C.N.133884938)

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