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Solar Panel efficiency

There is a perfectly logical and entirely incorrect common assumption that an installation of more efficient solar panels makes more power than a less efficient one. If they are both, for example 5kW systems, then both installations will make the same power, but the more efficient one needs less roof space to do so.

The most space efficient panel is the SunPower X360W

This 360W panel is the same size as almost all 270W-290W panels.

So, for instance, if you had space on your North roof for a maximum of 18 panels, you could fit 4.86kW if you used 270W panels, 5.22kW with 290W panels, but a massive 6.57kW with the SunPower X 360's (LG NeonR are cheaper and almost as efficient as SunPower X360)

More is best?

Its very common for people to feel that the more panel power they fit on their roof the better. For starters over here in WA, you get punished if you put more than 6.66kW of panels on your roof, because you lose the FIT (7 cents per kWh of surplus power).

Secondly, its important to remember that solar only works when the sun is shining, but your house is using power all day and night. If your day time use of power is 10kWh and your solar system is making 20kWh then that surplus 10kWh is simply worth 7 cents each. Not a lot for now, but more valuable if solar battery storage ever reaches a price point where it makes sense.



Cutting your power bill in half

If you install a 5kW system on a North roof it will make 30 units per day in Summer, 15 units per day in the middle of Winter, and average 24 units per day across the whole year.

If you use 80% of that power and sell 20% back as surplus then the solar is worth $2,000 a year at current Synergy prices and cutting the typical Perth power bill in half.


News & updates

Barnett backflip 12-08-2013
The WA State Government took on WA solar customers and lost. In a very hasty backflip the hugely unpopular decision to remove the feed-in tariff from customers was reversed by Premier Colin Barnett today. is the web site for Good Day Mate Pty Ltd trading as SOLAR4EVER Company registered in WA on 26th October 2008 (A.C.N.133884938)

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