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Our home base is Perth, WA
We are electrical contractors here and do our own

We receive thousands of enquiries a year from people wanting us to quote in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc and we DO sell there, but we don't do the installation.
If you are "over East" then our quote will be for inverter + solar panels, and the installation will be quoted, carried out, and invoiced by a local company. It works very well, but it's best to know this before requesting a quote. You deal with us for all 'after-sales' matters just to keep things simple.

To get the ball rolling, please email or use the form below.
We need the installation address, and a phone number to ask you some questions about your preferences.

Electrical Contractors Licence EC13371
CEC Accreditation Nathan Thomas (Director) A2700520

Customer after-sales support lines.
(08) 9468 0355 (WA)

(03) 9013 5311 (Victoria)
(02) 8006 9544 (NSW)
(07) 5641 4244 (QLD)
(08) 8121 4040 (SA)

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