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Fronius Inverter Review Australia 2018

Austrian company Fronius have a range of string inverters that are considered by most people in the industry to be the best quality, and best featured products in their category on the market today.

They have enhanced their standard 5 year warranty with a bonus 5 year parts warranty that you can claim by registering on their site. Click here

The most popular Fronius inverters sold by us are the 5kVA single phase Primo, the 5kVA 3 phase Symo, and the 5kVA 3 phase Symo hybrid. The Symo Hybrid is ready to connect batteries with nothing further required than a Fronius 3 phase smart meter, and the regular Symo and Primo can have a 3rd party battery interface and smart meter added for around $1400.

The popular single phase 5kVA Primo comes in two versions, which thoroughly confuses everyone. The Australian version is unique these days in that it can accept the current of two strings of panels connected together. A typical string of panels creates about 9 Amps of current. When two strings are joined together in parallel that current doubles to 18Amps...far beyond the input maximum of almost every inverter except the AU version of Primo. The downside is that the inverter is rated at a maximum of 4.6kW of AC output, meaning you can't connect more than 6.13kW of solar panels to it, and remain eligible for STCs (rebate).

The International version of Primo 5kVA, is rated at 5kW and can take 6.66kW of panels.

Solar4Ever stock both of these versions.

Fronius have a really nice free reporting portal called Solarweb and your Fronius Primo or Symo inverter comes with WIFI built in to connect to your home router and transmit all your solar production data up to Solarweb where you can view it on a smartphone or web browser.

Some people want to go a step further and view their home consumption in SolarWeb as well, and this is achieved by installing a Fronius Smart Meter in your switchboard. It's primary function is to measure the power your home is currently using and report that information back to the Fronius inverter. The single phase version costs about $250 and another $80 or so to install and data cable back top the Fronius, and the 3 phase version costs $450 and $200 or so to install. Whether it is worth it depends on whether you think you are likely to quickly grow bored with analysing your home power consumption. The one difficult thing about the Smart Meter is that it takes up space in your switchboard. Pictured below are the single phase Smart meter on the right, shown taking up 2 'poles' in the board, and the 3 phase meter on the left taking a whopping 4 poles in the board. That's 7 poles spare you need for the smart meter and Symo AC breaker for a 3 phase installation. Quite often that means installing a whole new sub board to accomodate it.


Fronius product ranges (Australia)

Click the blue links to view the brochure/datasheet for each range.

Primo Range - All are single phase, dual MPPT

Primo 3.0-1 - 3kW AC output, 3.9kW max solar panel power

Primo 4.0-1 - 4.0kW AC output, 5.3kW max solar panel power

Primo 5.0-1 AUS - 4.6kW AC output, 6.1kW max solar panel power

Primo 5.0-1 - 5kW AC output, 6.625kW max solar panel power

Note: We stock both versions of the 5kW Primo. The AUS version is limited to 4.6kW AC
The International version is the full 5kW, allowing two extra panels to be installed.
Both are supported by Fronius in Australia.

Symo Range - All are three phase, Two MPPT

SYMO 3.0-3-M - 3kW AC output, 3.9kW max solar panel power

SYMO 5.0-3-M - 5kW AC output, 6.6kW max solar panel power

SYMO 10.0-3-M - 10kW AC output, 13.3kW max solar panel power

SYMO 5.0-3-S Hybrid inverter works with DC coupled batteries, three phase, but only one MPPT

Fronius - The Company
Austrian company that started manufacturing solar inverters in 1992.

Best 3 phase 5kVA string inverter.

Excellent WIFI and stats.
Stylish appearance
Almost On par with SMA for reliability
Much of the time, 10 year parts warranty, 5 year labour warranty.

Negatives about Fronius inverters

Quite noisy. The fans in even the latest Fronius inverters are frequently louder than any other inverter we've worked with, especially around mid day when its working hardest. If you are a nanny napper or night shift worker, sleeping with a wall close to the inverter, probably better to go with SMA or Goodwe instead. (The inverter is silent at night of course).

Fronius Inverter warranties
The standard warranty for all Fronius inverters is 5 years, parts and labour
As a sales incentive, they frequently offer an extra 5 years warranty on the inverter, but not the labour (e.g. in 2017 an inverter replacement typically costs $170 in labour charges).

Setting up WIFI on Fronius inverters

Fronius WIFI Setup for Android or Apple Smartphones

Download and install the Fronius Solar.web live app for iPhone or Android

Open the app, and press the red icon in the bottom right of the screen and then click

Setup my Fronius Inverter. Then select Grid Connected Inverter.
Go to your Fronius inverter and press the Menu button (2nd button from the right)

Scroll right until you get to the Setup menu and then press Enter (furthest right button)

Scroll down to WIFI Access Point and press Enter and then Enter again to Activate WIFI

On your smartphone go to your WIFI networks list and connect to Fronius.
The temporary password is 12345678.
In the Solar Web app, click SolarWeb Wizard and enter the details
Feed in tariff (what you get paid for surplus power sent back into the grid) in 2016 is 0.07135,
and Grid supply tariff (what you pay Synergy is 0.2647. You will need to update these prices every time Synergy increase their prices. When you have entered the date time and time zone, click Forward

Give your system any name you like and then enter the PV Power in Watts (e.g. if you havea 5.3kW of solar panels then enter 5300) , and then press Forward and then Accept. Select your home WIFI from the list and then enter your home WIFI password and then click Connect. Exit the App and re-connect to your home WIFI.
Test that you can access the Internet, and then re-open the Fronius Solar Web app. I will attempt to connect to the network, and can take a while. When it has connected, click Forward, and then enter a new password for your inverter, replacing the default 12345678, and click Finish.

The app will take you to the website where you need to register for a new account and then fill in all the details requested. You will be emailed a confirmation link to verify your email address for alerts. Respond to this (check your junk folder if you don't see an email, and if it has gone to junk allow all future emails from to be accepted).

Re-open the Solarweb app and click on the red icon in the bottom right again, and click Login to SolarWeb

Enter the email address and password that you used to register your new account and click Log In

It takes about 15 minutes.







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