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There are many kinds of solar power systems available on the market today, and each has their own qualities that separates one from another. German engineered products like SMA inverters and Q Cells have a long and proven history of high performance, and reliability. Tier 1 panel brands like ET, Canadian, Talesun, REC, Jinko and GCL have significantly improved year after year, and many are as good as Q Cells and approaching the ultra premium models from SunPower and LG. Fronius inverters from Austria are as good, or better than German SMA and still significantly superior to Chinese brands, although Goodwe and Sungrow are closing fast in terms of features and quality.

Prices for the inverter, the panels and battery storage vary greatly. You can see some of these prices on the Products and Prices pages of this site. With the Government solar rebate cutting up to 50% off the price of an installation, most panels are currently free, you are paying for the inverter you choose and the installation. A 5kW installation costs about $2,500.

The investment in solar typically is almost always repaid via savings in your Synergy power bills within three to four years. The units will continue to deliver electricity to your home for a minimum of 25 years.

Solar Panels Perth

In 2008 there were only a handful of companies in this industry and we were selling a 5kW system for $35,000. In 2011 business boomed in Perth and companies sprang out of the woodwork everywhere.

By 2016, 75% of those companies had disappeared leaving customer with worthless warranties on Chinese inverters and panels that had also gone under. Buying quality, World leading brands like SMA, Fronius, Q Cells, ET, Canadian is your biggest safeguard. To ensure electrical safety, your installation of solar panels in Perth should be inspected every few years by a professional solar company. The panels should be given a wash, but mostly, you can just leave it to carry on making you money.

We have helped Perth homeowners and companies to make huge savings on the energy bills for many years, so let us do the same for you. Whether you would like to enquire about prices for a Tier 1 German engineered Q Cells and SMA system, or a new inverter, or a service and clean, battery storage or an expansion of your existing system, we are only a phone call or email away.

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