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Frequently asked questions

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How common is solar panel failure?

Why is buying solar SO confusing?

Which is the best inverter?...Fronius, SolarEdge, Huawei, SMA, etc?

Why does everyone say I should buy an inverter smart meter?

Why is my new solar producing less than I expected?

What are the most efficient solar panels and what does 'efficiency' mean?

How to combat shade on solar panels?

Where can I find a solar calculator that works out my likely production and savings?

Battery storage, which one, and how much?

"Battery Ready", what does it really mean?

Community battery storage called "Powerbank", how will it work?

Is ANYTHING not made in China?

What are the stages of a solar installation and what isn't allowed?

What repayment plans or solar loans are available?

Can you trust information from Whirlpool or Crap Solar?

How does 3 phase power and solar work?

PERC, LeTID, LID, Cell degredation. Should I be worried?

What are Micro inverters and DC optimisers and do I need them?

Where can I find reviews on all the solar panels and inverters?

A black panel backsheet looks good, but does it reduce efficiency?

Hot days - how much solar power is lost as the temperature rises?

What does Tier 1' Solar actually mean and who is on the list?

What is Under or Over sizing an inverter?

What are the Solar Government discounts and feed in tariffs?

How much should my electricity bill go down with solar?

How does solar work..Strings, Volts, Amps and Watts?

What solar reporting options are available?

How do I get my broken solar inverter repaired?


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