Solar4Ever Clients


The report below is an example of what Solar4Ever clients
receive on the performance of their solar, t
ypically four times
a year (or sooner if the client suspects something is wrong),

The customer has emailed in an inverter total of 4055 on the 9th March 2015
His system was installed on the 18th November 2014 with 24 x ET 250W panels
and an SMA Tripower (3 phase) 5kW inverter.

Our software calculated that on the reading date his system would have made 3737kWh, so his production
was about 8% higher than predicted... not unusual for a new installation, as brand new panels often get a flying start,
but over time, we would expect to see his numbers fall back into line with expectations. His average production per day
of 36.53 kWh is also high..but this is all over Summer. If you look under the picture you will see that we have rated his
installation at 4.2. This means, averaged over a year, we expect his system to produce 4.2kWh of power per day, per kW of panels.

That's 4.2 x 6kW = 25.2kWh per day. His current rating on the latest reading is 6.03, so as mentioned already, doing very
well over the Summer months.



Who are our clients?

Most of our residential installations are 3kW - 6kW systems. We almost never install anything smaller than 3kW.

Our commerical installations are typically 15kW to 30kW