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Does it make sense to buy solar battery storage in Perth?

The typical 6.6kW of panels in Perth makes 25-30kWh per day on average.
It does that between 6am and 6pm.
So, there's usually at least 10kWh of surplus power produced.
At the moment you get 7 cents for each surplus kWh.
If you stored that surplus in batteries it would be worth 26 cents to you.
The difference...19 cents.
That number is why battery storage makes very little sense in WA.

If the battery can store and later deliver 10kWh of your surplus power.
And the value of each kWh is 19 cents.
Then that's worth $1.90 a day or $700 a year.

There are many solar batteries, but they have one thing in common.
They all cost about $900 per kWh of storage once you include installation costs.
So a 10kWh battery costs $9,000 installed.
For $700 a year return????

What if the battery cost $500 per kWh of storage?
What if the difference in power/FiT costs wasn't 19 cents but 40 cents?
Now you're talking.
That would mean an annual return of $1,460 on an outlay of $5000.

Power prices are going up each year.
But so is the FiT so the difference stubbonly remains around the 19-20 cent mark.
Not good for battery justification.

Are battery prices falling?
No, quite the opposite in fact.

Why are they buying so many batteries over East?
They get a LOT of power outages. We don't.

We have no crystal ball and can only present the facts
It's entirely possible dozens of new lithium mines will open up.
If so, battery prices may plummet.
It's equally possible that power prices may jump beyond expectations.

If you are purchasing a new solar installation then buying a hybrid inverter makes sense.
The inverter should last at least ten, possibly twenty years.
But when you actually get to connect a battery is very hard to predict.