Used, second hand, pre-loved solar panels

We recover quite a lot of solar panels every week as people upgrade from their small old system to something large and new.


Sometimes we hear of people putting a container together of solar panels to ship to Africa and if that's you, then come and get them all for free, although we will need some documentary evidence that they won't just end up on Gumtree being sold for a profit.


If you need a panel or two to put on your caravan, motorhome, car, or to run your pump on the farm, or a project, then they are $10-$50 each. Better they be re-used.


One thing we can say, if anyone needed proof that solar panels are designed for a long life, is that we have had many thousands of these older panels come through, some installed by us, most not, and almost zero with any faults.


Get in touch. I don't clutter up our warehouse with them, they are all around the back of my property in Caversham, just let me know what you want and we'll sort out a time.


Andrew MacKeith