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About Longi solar panels

When this brand appeared on our wholesalers price list three or four years ago, we hadn't heard of them. We could see that they were on the Tier 1 list and that a quick Google search told us that they were a very long established company that leads the World monocrystalline cell business but it took us a while before we started quoting and installing them.

Well more fool us for waiting. What a really excellent, high efficiency, good looking panel they are. Our favourite in the Longi range is the all black 300W mono.


Most mono panels have a black frame, but the backsheet behind the solar cells is white. They look good, but nowhere near as good as when the back sheet is black too as with our favourite Longi mono. Being 300W it divides perfectly into the 6.6kW upper limit in Perth (22 panels), and with a -0.38% / °C temperature coefficient for maximum power it delivers a bit better performance in the heat than any 60/72 cell polycrystalline panel and even slightly better than most monos too. While most solar panel 25 year cell output warranties are based on an annual reduction in output of 0.8%, Longi is just 0.55%.


The all black Longi monos aren't the cheapest but they are still pretty competitive.

6.6kW of ET 300W monos, are $3,870 before rebate where the Longis are $4,190 but we firmly believe the good looks and quality of these panels is well worth an extra $14 a panel.

Mind you, with, at time of writing, 109 STCs at $34.50 each of rebate ($3760) , the price you pay for these Longi panels is only about $20 each anyway.


Longi All Black 300W mono datasheet