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Longi solar panel review

Longi Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

Longi 290W and 300W Mono - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1650mm x 991mm x 40mm

Voltage 32.8V x Current 9.15A = 300W (Standard test conditions)

Prices $25 for 290W panel, $35 for 300W panel after rebate (+$26 for Vic/Tas)
Power loss on 30 °C day = 0.39 x 25 = 9.75%

Power loss on 40 °C day = 0.39 x 35 = 13.65%

About Longi solar panels

When this brand appeared on our wholesalers price list a year or two ago, we hadn't heard of them. We could see that they were on the Tier 1 list and that a quick Google search told us that they were a very long established company that dominates the monocrystalline cell business but it took us a while before we started quoting and installing them.

Well more fool us for waiting. What a really excellent, high efficiency, good looking panel they are. A 290W or 300W on the same 1.6 x 1M roof area as a typical 270/275W panel.

Being more expensive moncrystalline cells, they won't overheat like a poly that's pushed too far. The upper limit for a 60 cell polycrystalline panel seems to be 290W but monos can go much higher. LG have a 365W mono 60 cell panel !!

We've put lots of Longis in now and recommend them very highly and they have a very nice all black frame to complement the nice black mono solar cells.