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Solar Inverter Repairs

The most common fault with solar inverters is either a blown fuse or failed relay.
Fuses are cheap and simple to replace but require the inverter to be taken off the wall first.

Relays used in solar inverters are normally only a few dollars as well, but as they are soldered to the main board, require replacement on our work-bench. It normally takes an hour just to remove the main board before the relay can be soldered on and another hour to put the board back in.

Some things can't be repaired, but at least 60% of faults are either fuses or relays.

We repair all brands of inverter. The most common ones in Australia we see failed are Eversolar, Sharp, Aero-Sharp, MacSolar, Growatt, JFY, CMS, Eaton, Suntellite, Xantrex, Delta, KLNE, and Rewatt.

We very rarely see failed Fronius, SMA, or Goodwe, but even they will, one day, fail.

The main point to make though is that inverters CAN be repaired.

Cost of repair
Call out is $180. If it's a fuse blown that's all you'll pay. If you understand what you are doing, (isolating the inverter and waiting a few minutes for the capacitors to discharge) you can check and replace the fuse yourself. Nu-Phase in Malaga stock ceramic 25 Amp and 30 amp fuses and sell to the public. About $2.50 each.

Relays are $390 including call-out, replacement, and return.

How does that compare to buying new?
If you have an old inverter there's a good chance it has a transformer and that makes replacement very expensive. The only transformer inverter still available is Fronius Galvo and that is not going to be around much longer and it's expensive too.

To replace a transformer inverter with a transformerless inverter (which they all are these days) usually requires upgrading your entire solar installation earthing and usually the isolators too. That's at least $650 just for that. Then the new inverter, starting at about $700. So, $1350 as a starting point.

If you have a transformerless inverter then it's a straight swap, but still $150 or so in labour plus the inverter.


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