Huawei FusionHome Inverter WIFI setup and reporting

Go to your phone app store and download and install 2 x Huawei apps

Fusion Home and NetEco


The FusionHome app is used to configure the Huawei inverter

NetEco provides all the reporting, alarms

These instructions can be used by anyone, installer or end user, to setup and monitor the FusionHome inverter by Huawei

If you are the end user settings things up then some instructions in NetEco will be redundant (creating customer user name and password)

Download these instructions as PDF

Setting up using FusionHome

Turn the Huawei on making sure the DC switch on the inverter itself is also on.

(Forgetting to turn this on doesn't stop you connecting to the Huawei but it won't let you change to
Australian grid AS4777)

Get the WIFI name and password of the Home router (e.g your own router or customer router if you are an installer)

Connect via your phone WIFI to SUN2000L + serial number of Huawei inverter, password Changeme

(If there are two inverters then you need to do all of this again for the second inverter
as their outputs are only combined within NetEco)

Open FusionHome app and click on the Inverter tab and then the icon for the inverter you are working on

Select Installer with password 00000a (Don't change it)

Click Quick Setting and then select the home WIFI router and enter the password
Click Next and then select the Australian Grid code AS4777 and then Next

Wait for the 3 step self-check to complete then Next

Enter in the IP box and 27250 in port number and then Next

Wait for server connection and then carefully record both the Serial number and the Registration number

Click Return to home. If you later discover you recorded the Registration code incorrectly you can get it from Comm Config

and then Management system settings

The main Operation Console of the FusionHome app has 6 red icons.

Click the one called Grid-Connect Config and then Expert (top right)

Select Time Setting. Even if it is showing the correct time still click the correct UTC time

(e.g. Perth is UTC + 8). Check that the time is now correct. If not, manually adjust the time by clicking on it.

The next step is easier done on a computer instead of the small screen of a phone, but you can of course do it on either.

If you have already registered on Neteco then you can simply log in and add the new PV plant to your list of other installations

If it is your first time then...

Open a web browser and then enter and press enter

When the login screen appears click Register

Enter your details and the Serial Number and Registration number you recorded earlier

Next create a new PV plant making sure you enter the correct Time Zone.

The electricity price is in dollars (so for a price of 26 cents, enter 0.26)

If you are an installer then you need to create a login username and password for the customer

Click System (top right) and then User Management

Click Create User and enter the customer details giving them the Username and a simple password

(When they login the first time they will be asked to change the password you created)

Select User type as 'Customer'

Then select the appropriate PV system and click OK

Emailed Reports and Alarms

Next click on System, Remote Notification and with Alarm Send Settings highlighted on the far left, click Create

Enter a new Alarm name. e.g. Alarm +Customer name and then select the appropriate PV plant

Click Critical, Major and Minor alarm boxes as well as Active Alarm

Enter the email address of all people who should recieve alarms separated by a semicolon

Next click Report Send Settings and click Create and then a Rule setting (e.g. Daily Report + Customer name)

Select the PV plant and a time for the report to be emailed (usually 22:00)

Then enter all the recipient email addresses separated by semicolons

NetEco Smartphone app

The first time you log in you will need to enter the IP address of the NetEco server ( and the user name and password. Make sure you have it set to save these details. Future logins to the app will then only require you to enter your password.

Adding additional Inverters

The above instructions are intended when a single Huawei FusionHome inverter is installed. If there is more than one then follow the above instructions for the second inverter but when in NetEco click on Monitor and select the PV plant containing the first inverter and click the 'Add Device' tab and then click Add Device and enter the second inverter's serial number and registration code and the total panel power in Watts connected to it. Most reports will show the combined output as if there was a single inverter, but there are other reports where you can see the individual outputs.

Delete FusionHome app and remove SUN2000L from WIFI list

Once you have everything running on NetEco, then the FusionHome is not needed any more, unless you are an installer doing multiple installations. Deleting the SUN2000L from your WIFI list is a good idea, or at least turn off automatic connection, otherwise you might log into it instead of your home router every time you come home.