How many hours a day will my solar

make decent power?


Solar on a North facing Perth roof makes 86% of its power between 10am and 5pm (a 7 hour window)

and 55% of its power between 11am and 3pm (a 4 hour window).

Therefore, as the trick is to use the power not sell it, make sure your

pool pump, air con etc are running between 10am and 5pm !!

See a 3kW system example below...


Heat Effect

Solar panels work best when the outside temperature is 25 deg C

When the air temperature is a scorching 40 degrees then the panels will work about 7% LESS efficienctly.


News & updates

Barnett backflip 12-08-2013
The WA State Government took on WA solar customers and lost. In a very hasty backflip the hugely unpopular decision to remove the feed-in tariff from customers was reversed by Premier Colin Barnett today.