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As the thermometer rises , solar panels work less well

All Solar panel datasheets tell you how well they will perform in the heat...

Canadian Solar Quintech panels

REC TwinPeak panels

SunPower X panels

What it means is that for every degree centigrade of air temperature above 5°C the panels will lose a certain amount of power. The first big question is, how much more power does one panel make over another and the second is, how much is that worth?

The easiest way to explain that, is to use the best to worst scenario above.

SunPower only lose 0.29% per °C, whereas Canadian Solar lose 0.41% per °C

That's a difference of 0.12% per °C

Let's just say that the air temp is 30 degrees all day from sun up to sun down because it makes the maths much simpler. 30 degrees is 25 degrees above 'optimum operating temperature' so 25 x 0.12% = 3

The SunPower panel will make 3% more power than the Canadian Solar panel. It will cost you a pretty penny though to get that extra 3%.

Most solar panels operate in a range of -0.36% to 0.41% which is going to mean an extra 1% of power from best to worst.

You can achieve far more substantial gains in power from keeping your panels clean or fitting an $80 optimiser on a panel that gets a bit of shade.