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Can Whirlpool 'advice' be trusted?

Whirlpool Greentech forum and Facebook Crap Solar are two popular forums for discussion about solar. There are more.

Many people seeking advice on solar go to these sites because they are confused by conflicting advice they have received from sales reps.


It is hardly surprising therefore that those same reps from solar companies 'hang out' on these forums delivering advice 'incognito' . If a rep selling, say SunPower panels in Brisbane says great things about SunPower on a Melbourne thread then it won't help them directly, but Queenland readers will read that thread and think 'I better get SunPower' and find the local approved SunPower retailer and suddenly, ka ching, sale made in Brisbane.


Sometimes there are really useful posts by actual users with real life experience, but seriously, if you go 'lamb to the slaughter' to one of these sites asking naively for a price check on a quote or a comparison between this product and that, then you will only get answers from sales reps banging their own profit margin drums.


The best threads are technical. Like, "My installer wired up my panels with 8 x 330W panels facing West and 12 facing East and I'm worried that he has made a mistake because my power production is much lower than I thought it would be". Then the REAL users jump in to help, comparing their outputs with the poster's. The real users couldn't care less what brand of panel or inverter you have because most of them have learnt that it makes no difference.


So now, why not have some fun? Create a Whirlpool account, login to Greentech and create a thread to ask any product related question and I guarantee you that Mr Wick and Uncle Bob in particular and to a lesser degree Taswegian, Nevdi to name just a few solar sales reps there, will be all over it in a moment pushing their barrows and scare-mongering about their usually cheaper competitive rivals.


So if you are a serious researcher of solar data then avoid Crap Solar, Whirlpool and seek it from more trustworthy impartial sources like the NREL


Can you even trust the information on


What a fantastic source of mostly accurate information this website is. But their business is to get you to request a solar quotation which they then sell to three solar companies at about $40 a lead. Your request for a quote earns them $120. It begs the question...can they be totally impartial with information on their website? Can even Choice magazine be trusted when they have a lead referral program operating through solar quotes? That's right. Even Choice are making recommendations on one side and taking money from solar companies (via lead payments) on the other.