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Why Whirlpool 'advice' can't always be trusted

Ask a question on Whirlpool and you are likely to get a whole host of very helpful people coming forward to answer your question as best they can....and that is quite simply brilliant.

However, what you need to be aware of is that a great many of them are solar sales people and use Whirlpool to promote the products they sell and denegrate those they don't..

A good description, provided by another solar company in Perth is "The LG supporters club" and the reason becomes pretty clear. LG solar panels are pretty unique in Australia, not because they are any better, but because they are sold exclusively through a very limited number of 'approved' retailers. We all know what that means, don't we?

Everything posted on Whirlpool is simply 'opinion', and to that end there is nothing to stop someone from saying whatever they like as long as they don't personally attack a person . So it's ok to say 'Chinese rubbish', or XYZ brand is very low quality, etc without having to back it up with any evidence.

The favourite competition bashing trick is the 'wait 3 years and you'll see'...or "Our guys went out last week and replaced a three year old system that had failed.' It's always 'last week' so have a chuckle, like we do, when you see this. It's all rubbish and entirely ignores the fact that all solar panels, by LAW must have a minimum 10 year defect, 25 year performance warranty. Furthermore, up until Dec 2016 when most of the existing solar inverters got de-listed by the Clean Energy Regulator because they didn't have a warning buzzer, you could claim the rebate on any new panels you put on your roof, so taking down 20 panels and putting up 20 new ones was usually virtually free anyway.

Our issue is not with their general advice, much of which is excellent, the issue is the lack of transparency when products or companies are either recommended or slammed. People generally go on Whirlpool expecting to get impartial advice. They don't expect to be discussing things with a salesman in disguise.

What is particularly clever about this group is that they have an accord not to rubbish each other's products, so some very expensive and very exclusive brands, like LG, Sunpower or Winaico get a leg up, and yet some of the World's finest brands get rubbished. It's all about as kosher as a bacon sandwich but they have set it up very well and Whirlpool really couldn't give a damn. So..tread carefully.