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German solar

German Solar Panels and inverters

Q.Cells are one of the really big names in solar. A German manufacturing success story.

The reality in 2017 is that the panels are made by their robots in factories in Malaysia, South Korea and China to the same standard as in Germany, and there are a few hundred German engineers IN GERMANY who work on all the design and improvement, but they are owned by Hanwha, a South Korea mega company like LG and Samsung, and you will never see a new Q.Cells panel made in Germany ever again.

SolarWorld Germany were the only other German manufacturer. Went into insolvency in 2017, got bailed out, and as a condition were forced to move manufacturing out of Europe.

So, if you want to buy a German made panel, bad luck. If you get sucked into believing that you are buying a German panel now by some slick sales rep, then more fool you if you have read this.

As for inverters, SMA are still a German company, and their 3 phase TriPower inverters are still made in Germany. The more popular single phase SunnyBoy range is 100% made in China now. It's probably just as good. We wouldn't know, as we stopped selling SMA when they moved SunnyBoys to China simply because Fronius is better. SMA bought out a failing awful Chinese inverter brand called Eversolar and renamed it Zeversolar. This allowed sales reps to call it 'German owned' but it's still a cheap, low end product, with non existent warranty service despite their new owners.

However, does Austria count?

Fronius make an awesome inverter and they all come from their manufacturing plants in Austria. Great product, not as cheap as a Chinese cheapie, but long term, the best value.

Delta inverters once had a slight German engineered background, but for many years now have been 100% Chinese made.

It's possible that staff members of Hanover Solar, German Solar and Munsterland Solar have been on holiday to Germany, but their panels have always been made in China.