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Solar panels and inverters that are NOT made in China

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We're getting a fair few calls requesting solar made anywhere except China

As we all know, the Chinese Government is making life very difficult for Australian exporters right now. Blocking exports or imposing huge new tariffs.

Understandably, a lot of Australians are upset with the Chinese Government and want to fight back by boycotting Chinese imports including solar.

That is no easy task, because Chinese manufacturers totally dominate the world solar industry...but it IS possible.

Let's start with solar panels.
100% Chinese owned and manufactured are:-
JinKo, Trina, Canadian, LonGi, JA, Risen, GCL, Seraphim, Astronergy, Talesun and other less well known brands.
These are the easy ones you could boycott.

After that, it gets a bit more complex:-
Leapton are a Japanese company that make their panels in their own Chinese factory.
REC are a Chinese company that make their panels in Singapore.
LG and Q.Cells are South Korean and make their premium panels there...
...but their cheaper models are made in China.
SunPower now Maxeon, are part Chinese owned, and make some panels there.
Aleo and SolarWatt fill the niche for a fully German made panel.

So if you want a non Chinese company and a non Chinese made panel you have to choose from:-
Q.Cells premium panels (DUO models)
LG premium panels (Neon models)
Aleo or SolarWatt (all)

Now just to really put the cat among the pigeons...

Every solar panel is an alumiunium frame holding down a sheet of glass over the top of typically sixty solar cells.

Those cells are made from slices of silicon. "Silicon wafers" are what they are called, and they are what make electricity.

97% of all the solar wafers in the entire World are made in China.

So you might be buying a German or South Korean made panel, but the essential part that actually makes electricity is almost certainly Chinese.

With 77% of all the World's solar panels made in China, and China being by far the largest consumer of solar panels, double the rest of the World put together and accelerating further away each year, it's really not all that surprising.

They are ALL Chinese owned and Chinese made except:-
Fronius (100% Austrian)
Fimer (100% Italian)
Q.Cells (100% South Korean)
SMA, 3 phase in Germany, single phase in China.
SolarEdge (Isreali company but 100% made in China)

An excellent and totally non Chinese combination.
Fronius inverter + Q.Cells Duo panels,LG Neon, Aleo or SolarWatt panels.

Does it cost more to boycott China?.
Yes it does. Several thousand dollars more.
As they say, "It's not a principle unless it costs you something."
Better quality? On the whole, yes and better warranty too.

We would be happy to give you quotations to compare.