Amerisolar solar panel review

American Solar = Amerisolar. Whilst it's true that this company was founded in 1993 in California USA, and it's also true that 8% of their production is still made in California, they are really, just like similarly confusingly named Canadian Solar, a Chinese owned and operated operation. 60% of their output is from China, 20% from South Korea, 12% from Thailand and 8% from the USA. All we can say is that every Amerisolar panel we have seen here in Australia has "Made in China" on the label.

As we say endlessly, does it really matter where a panel is made? The same German robots make all of them anyway. Even mighty Q.Cells make one of their panel models in China.

The panel we stock is a very nice, run of the mill mainstream 275W model


It's primary point of difference is warranty.

In order to rise above the pack they give a 12 year defect (most others are 10 years) warranty and a linear warranty that the cells will still be making at least 80% of their original power in 30 years time.(Most others are 25 years)

As there really isn't very much else to say about this perfectly good panel from a very long established company, let's look at this whole panel warranty thing.

The typical faults, though very rare, that crop up on solar panels are beautifully explained on this website blog (not ours) so we won't go over it again, but it's certainly a good read.

In most cases, faults with solar panels largely go unnoticed because they have next to no effect on the power production of the panel. However, the 12 year defect warranty covers these things.

The 30 year performance warranty is a whole other thing.

It is about cell degradation which is a perfectly normal thing to happen. The cells within any solar panel decay at a predicable rate of no more than  0.8% a year hence a 25 year warranty to 80% of original output. Amerisolar, perhaps because they've been around a lot longer than most) say they will warrant that their cells will decay at no worse than 0.67% a year.

In the news

There was some admin blunder in 2017 that temporarily resulted in Amerisolar panels being de-listed by the Clean Energy Council. That was a bit of fun for a while, but it all got sorted out fairly quickly and they are all squeaky clean again now.