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Tier 1 Solar Panels  

Tier 1 is a term much abused in the solar industry, with every man and his dog solar company claiming their panels are 'Tier 1', which of course is complete rubbish.

There is no industry policeman to stop them making these nonsense claims.

Bloomberg (New Energy Finance) came up with the Tier system to rate manufacturers by their bankability on large projects. In other words, it's a measure of how financially strong the company is, or at least, how easily they have access to borrow large amounts of money.

The latest Bloomberg list (Q3 2016) is here.

Hanwha Q.Cells, ET Solar, GCL, Canadian Solar, Jinko, Hareon, REC Solar, First Solar, JA Solar, LG, Phono Solar, Trina, Sunpower, Risen Energy, Renesola, HT-SAAE, Vikram, Seraphim, Heliene, Solar Frontier, BYD, Eging, Hyundai, S-Energy, ZNShine, China Sunergy, Talesun, BYD, Aleo Solar, Winaico, Anjitek, Chint/AstroEnergy.

We sell and install the first four on the list by preference but can access others like REC, LG, Trina, Renesola on request.





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