Q Cells Solar Panel Review
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Q.Cells solar panel review

Q.Cells Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

Q.Cells Q.Power 270W - 60 polycrystalline cells. 1650mm x 991mm x 35mm

Voltage 31.1V x Current 8.69A = 270W

Price $35 after rebate (+$26 Vic/Tas)
Power loss on 30C day = 0.4 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.4 x 35 = 14%

6 Busbars. Made in China

Q.Cells Q.Peak 300W- 60 monocrystalline cells. 1670mm x 1000mm x 32mm

Voltage 32.41V x Current 9.26A = 300W

Price $64 after rebate (+$26 Vic/Tas)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.4 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.4 x 35 = 14%

Made in South Korea. Uses Q.antum monocrystalline solar cells. Black frame

About Q.Cells solar panels

For those who like a bit of German engineering precision and sheer quality, Q.Cells have always been the 'go to' brand. Whilst they stopped all actual manufacturing in Germany in 2016 and were bought out several years before that by South Korean conglomerate Hanwha, they still employ quite a few hundred Germans, in Germany, to carry on the never-ending engineering and development work to make an even better solar cell and panel.

Being owned by one of the largest and most successful Korean companies makes them very bankable and permanently on the Tier 1 list. The panels are all extemely solidly made, have excellent resistance to very strong winds (cyclones) and salt mist (by the ocean) and if you get a lot of snow in your part of Australia then they handle that better than most.

They provide a 12 year defect warranty, which is 20% better than most.

The 300W mono panel is a standout, both in manufacturing quality, efficiency and looks (black frame) and if you ever get a faulty one of these black beauties then you are ridiculously unlucky...so then go buy a lotto ticket, as you must be one of those extreme end of the spectrum kind of people.