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Solar4Ever Pricing Guide- August 2017

Solar Panels
We only install Tier 1 brands...

Sunpower, LG, Q.Cells, Canadian Solar, ET Solar, GCL, Jinko, REC, Trina, Longi

Whilst it's a provable fact that an installation of any of these quality panels, irrespective of brand, price or technology, will make the same power each year from a same sized installation as any other, give or take a couple of percent, there are still other reasons to choose one panel brand, or model within that brand.

We discuss it here in much more detail.

The most expensive panels are SunPower X 345W & 360W, followed by LG NeonR 360W and LG Neon2 330W and Sunpower E 327's. These are all about 60 - 120% more expensive than the average Tier 1 price.

The rest, let's call them "Mainstream" panels, are all very similar in price, performance, and warranty. The average price for one of these panels is $220. You can see all the panel prices on this Panel Review Page The REC TwinPeak model is a little above average, Q.Cells always make a better than average frame and their German engineering is always respected and Jinko and Trina have their shade busting Maxim enhanced models which sets them apart from the pack.

There are plenty of slightly cheaper panels (~$180) Tier 2 and Tier 3 brands but are best avoided if you are considering solar as a long term investment.
Tip! If they call the panel Tier 1 "quality" then it's missing the point, and isn't Tier 1.
Tier 1 reflects the financial strength of the manufacturer, as judged by global financial investment company Bloomberg New Energy Finance which is rather important when you have such long warranties on solar panels. Tier 1 "quality", doesn't mean Tier 1. Avoid.

Once you've chosen your panels, then you deduct the 'rebate' on solar panels. Your new installation creates small technology certificates (STCs). The more panel power on your roof, the more STCs are created. A 5kW system creates about 100 STCs. The price you get per STC depends on what the market price is. It typically stays in a range between $30 and $40 which is why, sometimes a 5kW system can be $1000 more expensive that at other times, simply due to the ups and downs of the STC price.


The best 'string' inverter brand for a combination of quality, output, warranty, track record and reporting via WIFI is Fronius. Made in Austria, these are the best, and also the most expensive. See prices below

Next best is a flip of the coin between the newly Chinese made SMA inverter and the always Chinese made Goodwe. Both are very well made with a long track record for quality and good WIFI reporting. SMA are similar priced to Fronius and Goodwe dangle the price carrot very effectively being a fair bit cheaper, especially on their single phase models. Goodwe built their reputation in the off-grid battery arena and not surprisingly are the go-to brand for single phase hybrid inverters now. They are very reliable.

After that you have hoards of decent Chinese made inverters with slightly less reliability, slightly less quality, considerably less reputation in some cases, and such a small price difference between them and Goodwe, it's not really worth the bother.

For those who have shade issues then micro inverter and DC optimisers come into play instead of a string inverter. Having said that, the new Jinko and Trina solar panels with three in-built Maxim chip DC optimisers and MPPT trackers for an extra $20 a panel take away a great deal of the purpose of Enphase and SolarEdge panel level MPPT trackers at a fraction of the cost. If that makes no sense to you, just send Andrew an email and he will explain.


Inverter Pricing

Single phase

Fronius Primo 5kVA $1985
SMA SunnyBoy 5kVA $1860

Goodwe D-NS 5kVA $1170

Enphase Micros + Envoy 5kVA $4,000

SolarEdge DC optimisers + 5kVA inverter $3,800

Three phase

Fronius Symo 5kVA $2270

SMA Tripower 5kVA $2270 (this one is still made in Germany)

Goodwe L-DT 5kVA $1720

Enphase Micros + Envoy 5kVA $4,400

Hybrid inverters (for DC coupled battery connection)

Goodwe D-ES 5kVA (single phase only) $2,610

Sungrow ESS 5kVA (single phase only) $2,390

Fronius Symo Hybrid 5kVA $3,520

Installation prices

First 6 panels on first string $1,000

Every panel on first string after that $50 (max string length ~14 panels)

First 6 panels on additional string(s) $500

Every panel on additional string(s) after that $50

3 or more roof sections, $100 per section.

Three phase inverter $200

Second inverter $200

Double storey from $300 (more if scaffolding needed)

Installation cost example

e.g. Single phase, single storey house, with 10 panels on North, split across two roof sections, and 10 panels on West, all on one roof section.

First string on North $1,000 + 4 x $50 + $100 for extra roof section = $1,300

Second string on West $500 + 4 x $50 = $700

Total $2,000


To provide a quotation it is helpful if you let us know the following

Your address (so we can map out panels on the roof)

Whether you have single or three phase power (if you know)

Approximately what you spend in a year with Synergy

Any preferences you have for particular panels or inverters

For a quotation, please call Andrew on 0420533283 or






Solar Battery Storage systems
Price on application
Li-Ion Batteries
Tesla Powerwall and Powerwall 2
LG Chem

SMA Sunny Boy Storage
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