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LG solar panel review

LG are a relative newcomer to solar panel manufacturing and wisely decided that the mainstream market was already over-crowded with huge Chinese brands, so went for the lower volume, and more expensive premium market instead.

To put things into some perspective, a 360W LG NeonR panel costs $550, whereas a mainstream 270W panel costs $220. If you were to install a 5.4kW system, you would need 15 x LG Neon R costing $8,250, against $4,400 (or less) for 20 x 270W regular Tier 1 panel.

The rebate (STCs) would reduce those costs for both systems by $3,640 at time of writing this review.
So what do you get for that extra $3,850?

Firstly, in the example above, you can see you need five fewer panels on your roof to achieve the same power output. That's their primary advantage... space efficiency.

A regular panel is 1640mm x 992mm, whereas the LG NeonR are 1700mm x 1016mm, so the LGs are 6cm longer, and 2.4cm wider, but they pack a lot more punch.

The LG panels perform a little better in the heat and shade than a regular panel, so you can reasonably expect to see a 1-3% increase in output...300kWh a year at most, worth about $80 tops. It's not much, and if you have shade on the LG NeonR panel its design will slightly reduce losses for the panel itself. It you put a $100 Tigo optimiser on the LG panel (or any other panel) then that will stop the shaded panel from bringing down the output of all the others it is connected to (if using a regular string inverter). See this FAQ on shade for more.

The 25 year defect warranty for LG Neon panels, against the usual 10 years is outstanding and reflects the confidence LG have in their design and build quality. From our perspectitive and seeing how incredibly low the failure rate is on ANY mainstream panel, we don't really understand why the likes of Q.Cells and REC don't provide a 20 or 25 year warranty as well.

But they don't, and so that a big plus for LG Neon.

The Neon2, 330W panel was the fore runner to the NeonR and isn't technically as advanced, but is still a fantastic product and it looks amazingly good on the roof. Priced at $405 each, the 5.4kW system example above would need 17 of these (5.6kW) and would cost $2,485 more than a mainstream panel

The LG Mono X 300W is a very nice product costing $334. It competes head on with German engineered Q.Peak 300W which sells for $285. Both have identical heat and shade performance, identical warranties (12 years), are the same size, are both manufactured in South Korea by a South Korean monster corporation....and frankly the Q.Peak looks better on the roof. If you want to buy LG, our advice is to go for a Neon, not the Mono X

If this entire LG review sounds a bit negative to you, in a way, it is meant to be.

If you want the best and you couldn't care less about taking an extra couple of years to get your investment back, then LG NeonR 360 are without doubt as good as it gets. (SunPower X360W are their only competitor).

However, if you are spending this extra money in the belief that you will get significantly more power production from them, even measured over decades, the output difference is minimal. The 25 year warranty is outstanding, but statistically the chance of having a failed solar panel of any good brand is so small that you would be better off buying one extra mainstream panel to what you actually want now, and putting it on your roof as a 'spare'. At the moment the 'spare' if installed and therefore eligible for the rebate will only cost you about $50.


LG NeonR 360W - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1700mm x 1016mm x 42mm

Voltage 36.5V x Current 9.87A = 360W

Price $562 ($1.56 per watt)
Power loss on 30C day = 0.3 x 25 = 7.5%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.3 x 35 = 10.5%

LG Neon2 330W - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1686mm x 1016mm x 40mm

Voltage 33.7V x Current 9.8A = 330W

Price $400 ($1.21 per watt)
Power loss on 30C day = 0.37 x 25 = 9.25%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.37 x 35 = 12.95%

LG X Plus 300W - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1686mm x 1016mm x 40mm

Voltage 31.67V x Current 8.84A = 280W

Price $329 ($1.10 per watt)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.41 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.41 x 35 = 14.35%



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