How many hours a day will my solar

make decent power?


Solar on a North facing Perth roof makes 86% of its power between 10am and 5pm (a 7 hour window)

and 55% of its power between 11am and 3pm (a 4 hour window).

Therefore, as the trick is to use the power not sell it, make sure your

pool pump, air con etc are running between 10am and 5pm !!

See a 3kW system example below...


Heat Effect

Solar panels work best when the outside temperature is 25 deg C

When the air temperature is a scorching 40 degrees then the panels will work about 7% LESS efficienctly.


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Barnett backflip 12-08-2013
The WA State Government took on WA solar customers and lost. In a very hasty backflip the hugely unpopular decision to remove the feed-in tariff from customers was reversed by Premier Colin Barnett today. is the web site for Good Day Mate Pty Ltd trading as SOLAR4EVER Company registered in WA on 26th October 2008 (A.C.N.133884938)

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