Growatt Inverters


Growatt Inverters 

Growatt is a reputable Chinese brand that makes a large range of single phase and three phase inverters and is well supported by Roger in their Sydney office (02 8605 1298)

The principle attraction of Growatt is price. As a standard inverter there are none cheaper.

A 3kVA Growatt sells for $880, the next cheapest, Goodwe, is $100 more

A 5kVA single phase Growatt sells for $1070, the next cheapest, Goodwe is $50 more

If you have three phase supply to your home, then again, Growatt have the cheapest solution.

For a 5kVA solution, you can either use two of their single phase inverters (3kVA + 2kVA) and that will cost you $1295 or take their actual 3 phase inverter at $1520. The next cheapest 3 phase inverter are Goodwe or Zeversolar at $1750.

If you want to see your data (current and historical) on your smartphone or computer then you'll need the $25 WIFI dongle, otherwise, just read the LCD screen on the inverter

Our history with Growatt goes back further than almost any company in Australia. We were importing them directly from China at the beginning before major wholesalers picked them up.

The early models, especially the 5kVA models, had the same poor relays in them that all the other "cheapies from China" had. We have replaced a fair amount of failed relays on Growatt inverters, and resoldered joints and installed chokes (coils) to fix their dreaded "PV Isolation Low" issue, but these days, they have significantly improved quality and for the price they are as good as any other basic inverter like Zeversolar, Goodwe, Delta or Sungrow.

Product range

The depth of their single phase range is very impressive, going from a tiny 1kVA model in 0.5kW increments up to 5kVA. The three phase range goes from 5kVA up to 40kVA !!

WIFI reporting isn't standard. Add an extra $90 for that.

So far, they haven't released any hybrids or DC or AC coupled products into Australia..or at least, none we could find on the Clean Energy Council approved inverter list, but we can see that they have a very fancy looking DC converter SP1000 and SP2000 that is being sold in the USA and South Africa, but not in Australia yet. A DC Converter intercepts the DC power coming from the solar panels and sends it to the regular existing inverter (any brand) if it's smart meter detects that your home needs power. However, any surplus solar power is stored in the batteries that are connected to it and then released later in the evening when the solar panel have gone to sleep. For the inquisitive, the DC coupled battery wastes a very small amount of power keeping the existing inverter alive 24 x 7. As far as the existing inverter is concerned it thinks it is still getting power from the solar panels. Rivals Goodwe have a DC Converter product, that doesn't look nearly as nice as the Goodwe one... but it's here now, and that's what counts.!!  Growatt website

Pictured Growatt SP 2000 DC converter with low voltage battery (not available yet)

Schematic of SP2000 DC Converter connected to batteries and another inverter