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GCL solar panel review

GCL Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

GCL 270W - 60 polycrystalline cells. 1640mm x 992mm x 40mm

Voltage 31.2V x Current 8.65A = 270W

Price $228 ($0.84 per watt)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.41 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.41 x 35 = 14.35%

GCL 290W Mono - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1640mm x 992mm x 35mm

Voltage 32V x Current 9.06A = 290W

Price $240 ($0.83 per watt)
Power loss on 25 °C day = 0.41 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40 °C day = 0.41 x 40 = 16%

About GCL solar panels

With over $20 billion in assets and 20 years of making silicon for solar cells, GCL are BIG. They have also bought into Australia's largest solar wholesaler (One Stop WareHouse) who are a major supplier to us, so we should be nice about what we say. Needless to say they are rated as Tier 1 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Frankly, we find them a bit hard to sell. Nobody, apart from industry experts had heard of them before 2015 when they introduced their first panel to Australia. They offer absolutely nothing that you can't already get in a better known brand like ET, Canadian, Jinko, or Trina and they aren't especially well priced.

They are a country mile better quality than the hoard of Tier 2 and Tier 3 no name brand panels. They are a big and old enough company that has diverse interests to be most likely to still be around when you might need them for warranty in 20 years time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. No damning with faint praise here, they are very good. Just, really, need to be either more innovative in design (e.g. perhaps copy Jinko Eagle MX with in built DC optimisers), or 10-15% cheaper...or both.


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