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How it works

The inverter has a WIFI transmitter that wirelessly connects with your WIFI enabled home router in the same way your laptop, mobiles and printer probably does (user name and password).

You set up a free account via the inverter manufacturer's website and the data flows from the inverter through your router to the manufacturer website, where you can then log in from anywhere and see what's going on in real time or run historical reports.

Who's got solar WIFI that actually works well?

Fronius, Huawei, SolarEdge, Goodwe, Sungrow, ABB and finally now... SMA

What about SMA?

The new Sunny Boy (SB) 40 range from SMA includes both a WIFI and a wired solution.

The LCD screen on the inverter is gone though.

Both the wired and WIFI solution uses Web Connect

How much extra for WIFI?

Huawei, Goodwe, SMA, Fronius and Sungrow WIFI is currently included free

ABB PowerOne is about $300 extra per inverter
SolarEdge is $90

What about other brands that claim to have WIFI?

Reliable WIFI is difficult. Our experience with other brands, WIFI has not been good.

Huawei WIFI Setup instructions.Click here


WIFI Setup instructions for Goodwe and Fronius Inverters

The method of connecting to a solar inverter WIFI inverter is pretty much identical for every brand. Using a smartphone or PC connected via WIFI you connect to the WIFI hotspot created by the inverter, enter your home network details and password so the inverter can transmit data through your router. You then create an account on the manufacturers website which includes the details of your inverter and then the inverter transmits the solar data every few minutes to the website which you can then view from a Smartphone app or PC.

Goodwe WIFI setup instructions (for web browser)
Make sure the inverter is on and the WIFI and aerial installed.

Write down the Model number (e.g. GW3000-NS), and the serial number and check code from the bottom of the label on the right side of the inverter. You'll need it all later.

Go to a computer (or a smartphone) in your home/office that is connected via WIFI to your home router.

Click your WIFI networks icon and connect to the Solar-WiFi, with password 12345678

Open up a web browser page and type in and then press enter
(Sometimes the URL is

(Note, you are now not connected to the Internet, you are connected to the Goodwe inverter)
Put in the user name and password ... admin for both.

Click Start Setup, select your wireless network and click next
Enter your password and click Next, then OK.

Then click on Management and then click Restart. Close the web page

Re-connect to your home network and go to
Click Register, Terminal User
Enter a unique user name (you will need this everytime you login)
Your email address and the password you want to use to login.
Then login and under the Station Information tab, enter a suitable name for the installation (e.g. your address), and upload a picture if you want.
Enter the address and then click the Location button. Enter the address again and then Select.
Next enter the total panel capacity (e.g. if you have 20 x 265W panels then enter 5.3)
Ignore Compensatory Energy, Enter $(AUD) for currency and 0.26 (or whatever current electricity price
is per kWh)
If you check the "I will share" button then all your data (but not personal details) will be shown publicly

Under the Maintain WIFI Inverter tab enter the inverter serial number and check code that
you recorded from the side of the inverter.Then enter the Goodwe model number and a description
(e.g. 3kW). Goodwe have a very limited selection of panels and brands. Enter what you like as it doesn't matter. As you aren't likely to have found the correct panels in their list, the MPPT information is equally irrelevant. You can just Enter 1 and 10 in the two boxes and ignore the second MPPT
Ignore the bottom line where they ask for the serial number information again and click Save.
Contact and Visitor information is optional but quite useful as they will email you reports automatically.
That's the setup.

To view your data, under the All Stations tab that you see when you first login, click the Station Name.

Then click on your Network icon again and re-connect to your home router again so you can
connect to the internet and then go to

Register as a new user, (User type is Terminal User). Make sure you correctly enter your email
address so that the system can email you if there are any problems detected. You will also need to enter the serial number of the inverter. Make sure you do this accurately.

That's it. Should take about 10 minutes. You can also access your system through the Goodwe EzViewer app
for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Fronius WIFI Setup for Android or Apple Smartphones

Download and install the Fronius Solar.web live app for iPhone or Android

Open the app, and press the red icon in the bottom right of the screen and then click

Setup my Fronius Inverter. Then select Grid Connected Inverter.
Go to your Fronius inverter and press the Menu button (2nd button from the right)

Scroll right until you get to the Setup menu and then press Enter (furthest right button)

Scroll down to WIFI Access Point and press Enter and then Enter again to Activate WIFI

On your smartphone go to your WIFI networks list and connect to Fronius.
The temporary password is 12345678.
In the Solar Web app, click SolarWeb Wizard and enter the details
Feed in tariff (what you get paid for surplus power sent back into the grid) in 2016 is 0.07135,
and Grid supply tariff (what you pay Synergy is 0.2647. You will need to update these prices every time Synergy increase their prices. When you have entered the date time and time zone, click Forward

Give your system any name you like and then enter the PV Power in Watts (e.g. if you have 5.3kW of solar panels then enter 5300) , and then press Forward and then Accept. Select your home WIFI from the list and then enter your home WIFI password and then click Connect. Exit the App and re-connect to your home WIFI.
Test that you can access the Internet, and then re-open the Fronius Solar Web app. I will attempt to connect to the network, and can take a while. When it has connected, click Forward, and then enter a new password for your inverter, replacing the default 12345678, and click Finish.

The app will take you to the website where you need to register for a new account and then fill in all the details requested. You will be emailed a confirmation link to verify your email address for alerts. Respond to this (check your junk folder if you don't see an email, and if it has gone to junk allow all future emails from to be accepted).

Re-open the Solarweb app and click on the red icon in the bottom right again, and click Login to SolarWeb

Enter the email address and password that you used to register your new account and click Log In. t takes about 15 minutes.

Fronius Warranty Extension

The standard Fronius warranty is 5 years parts, and 5 years labour. You are entitled to an extension of a further 5 years if you register your new installation.

Click this link for details (and don't worry about the expiry date)

Once you have registered, Fronius will send you a certificate showing your 10 year warranty. If you don't receive the email within 48 hours from Fronius with your certficate, and it's not in your Junk/Spam folder, then register again.