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German solar

German Solar Panels and inverters

SolarWorld make some of their solar panels in Germany but financially they are on very unstable ground.

SMA make some of their inverters (3 phase Tripower range) in Germany, but the popular Sunny Boy range is now 100% made in China.

Fronius, who are almost German, being Austrian, make their awesome inverters in Austria.

Q.Cells, the German engineered wonder panel is no longer 100% made in Germany. The Monocrystalline PEAK range is German made, but the slightly cheaper PLUS and PRO Polycrystalline ranges are made in huge Hanwha owned South Korean and Malaysian factories now.

Zeversolar are promoted as 'German owned' because SMA bought them in 2012 but they are also 100% Chinese made.

Delta inverters once had a slight German engineered background, but for many years now have been 100% Chinese made.

It's possible that staff members of Hanover Solar, German Solar and Munsterland Solar have been on holiday to Germany, but their panels have always been made in China.

In other words, if you want to buy German made solar panels and a German made solar inverter, then the only possible combination is a three phase SMA Tripower and Q.Cells Peak or possibly SolarWorld panels.

Does it matter where it's made?
A solar panel from any of the 20 or so Tier 1 manufacturers is going to be top quality no matter where it's made. A lot of people don't understand that China itself installs more solar than the rest of the World put together. The Tier 1 brands dominate in China.

Solar inverters are like computer hard drives in that it's not a question of whether it will fail, it's a question of WHEN they fail. Our experience with ALL Chinese inverters (except the Goodwe brand) is that they fail 10 times more often than a European made inverters from Fronius and SMA (when SMA made their inverters in Germany). With a typical 'down time' waiting for a replacement of four weeks, failures are costly and annoying.





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