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ET solar panel review

ET Solar panels sold and installed by Solar4Ever

ET 270W - 60 polycrystalline cells. 1640mm x 992mm x 35mm

Voltage 31.7V x Current 8.52A = 270W

Price $205 ($0.76 per watt)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.41 x 25 = 10%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.41 x 35 = 14.7%

ET 290W Mono - 60 monocrystalline cells. 1650mm x 992mm x 35mm

Voltage 32V x Current 9.03A = 290W

Price $240 ($0.83 per watt)
Power loss on 30°C day = 0.42 x 25 = 10.5%

Power loss on 40°C day = 0.42 x 35 = 14.7%

About ET solar panels

There are four things that separate this typical Tier 1 solar panel brand from the rest of the almost identical pack of Canadian, GCL, Jinko, Trina, etc.

(1) They give an extra 20% defect warranty. 12 years instead of the usual 10 years.

(2) We've installed tens of thousands of them over the years and never had a bad one.

(3) As we sell so many, we get a better buy price on this brand than any other Tier 1...which means we sell more of them, which means we get a better price...hahaha.

(4) Every single ET Solar panel we get is guaranteed to have been made from silicon wafer to completed solar cell and module in their own factory. They don't sub-contract at all and that's a major factor in why they are so reliable.

The ET 290W Mono panel is very space efficient giving you an extra 20W per panel from the same roof area as the 270W. It also has a very nice looking black frame.

Negatives of ET solar panels

None of these mainstream Tier 1 brands can rival the quality of SunPower or LG, but for those, there is a hefty price to pay. Q.Cells and REC (Twin Peaks model especially), and Jinko Eagle MX (that's the only great Jinko model) come next in quality and price, and then you get ET and the rest of the Tier 1's. They are all very well made, they do exactly what they say they will, and will last for decades. It's just that there's nothing special about them.


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